ShipHaz Air Client 2011

ShipHaz Air Client 2011

ShipHazmat is software for the automation of IATA dangerous goods shipment
20.0 (See all)
Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd.

ShipHazmat® Standard Edition is an internationally accepted, user-friendly software application for the automation of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Shipper's Declaration form and package preparation of dangerous goods shipments by air. ShipHazmat® helps assure compliance with IATA and ICAO regulations for the air transportation of dangerous goods.

Whether you are created single-entry shipments, all-packed-in-ones, and/or overpacks, ShipHazmat® will make sure that your documentation is correctly filled in.

ShipHazmat® is available in various editions to suit different organization requirements. Whether you require software for a single user or across a network, or only require certain class hazards, we have a solution for you.

The Standard Edition features all class hazards (excluding Class 7: Radioactive materials) for a single user license.

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